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My mate has just asked me what speaker comes as stock in the Marshall AVT112x cab. I've done a bit of research, but all I can find out is that it's a Celestion driver of some kind. Do any of you wise people happen to know exactly what speaker it is?

It is a "custom" speaker, which usually means that it was produced by Celestion to Marshall's specifications, and isn't available to customers other than through Marshall, so you won't find it just lying around in stores.

The speaker seems to be the same as used in the AVTX combos.

Usually, these "custom" speakers are cheap compared to Celestion's (or whoever else's) line-up and focus more on a low price than on sound-quality and efficiency. This is in line with the speakers of the Valvestate/AVT/AVTX-series often being described as a weak spot of the amps.

EDIT: As far as specs go, it is 8Ohms, 100w. I don't have a detailed data sheet, sorry.
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yeah if it's the same one as is in the avt combos it's complete shite
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To clarify, I'm not saying the speakers are the same from series to series, just that the AVTX combos have the same speakers as the AVTX cabs, and that all three series' speakers aren't exactly glorious.