So today I was bending the high e string when all of a sudden I hear this strange sound from the guitar and the string goes way out of tune. I re-tuned it and tried again, this time no problem and there seems to be no damage on the guitar. The strings were put in today. Has this happened to any of you before and if it has what is the cause.

I'd really appreciate some answers as I am quite worried right now.

Thank you in advance
Does your guitar have a floating trem?
What kind of strange sound are you talking about?
Could you give us a picture of the guitar's headstock and nut?
Not a floating tremolo
Kind of a snapping sound although I'm not quite sure, it was so fast I could barely hear it
Can't post pictures but there's nothing wrong with nut or headstock
The string is just slipping on the tuning peg. It happens when you just replace the strings, just retune and keep going. It'll stop eventually (ie when there is no more room for slippage).
It could be what everyone else is saying, the string is slipping from around the tuning post which is common.

If you were bending on the higher (sounding) frets however its possible you knocked the string off of the saddle. That happens to me sometimes on my V.
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