yes, it's hard to believe but i'm asking for guitar suggestions. i'm hoping i've missed something available with the following specs:

00 or smaller or thin body but decent tone (so no yamaha APX)
1 3/4" to 1 7/8" nut
rounded neck profile - NOT a v or u neck
priced below $700 u.s. with shipping
4" at deepest point or shallower

decent tone, nut width and body size important. i'm thinking used larrivee parlor or 00, but thought i'd check in case you guys might have suggestions. i don't care about acoustic electric or acoustic, appointments or the rest but i have discovered that i love my blueridge too much to risk damaging it or having it stolen when played away from the house.
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For the price range you're looking in, and the specifications you've included, I have come up with two guitars that i think would suit you; and they're both Seagulls. The two guitars i'm referring to are the Coastline Cedar Folk, and the Coastline Cedar Grand. Both are fairly small-bodied guitars (couldn't find a 4" body depth. The Grand is 4.2" and the Folk is 4.5"). Nut width is 1.8" on the Folk and 1.72" on the Grand. Can't remember what neck profile Seagull uses, but it feels like a C. Solid Cedar top, Lam Cherry b+s. Either can be had for $400-$500, though the Grand may be a bit harder to find. There's my $0.02. Happy hunting!

Edit: I've played several of Both of these guitars at my local music stores, and they're very consistent. Great projection for their size, a little on the bright side (as most Seagulls are) but pretty smooth response. A tiny bit of compression when strummed hard, but barely noticeable.
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I've never played a Seagull, so can't really compare (^), but I have a guitar which seems suited to your requirements - Yamaha CSF60 (or CSF60c - yep, you guessed it - with cutaway)

Top: Solid Sitka Spruce (I know it isn't your favourite)
Back & sides: Solid Sapele
Neck: African Mahogany
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Rosewood
Body depth: 85-100mm (3-3/8” - 3-15/16&rdquo
Nut width: 43mm (1-13/16&rdquo

Price: I got mine for around £270 used (as new), which is just over $435 i think. It's discontinued, but last time I looked I think Elderly had one; if you look hard enough you'll find one.

Sound: Strong mids, not much bass, and fairly strong treble - it can sound quite bright (I use Phospor Bronze 10s) when I'm flatpicking, but when fingerpicked, it's pretty nice and mellow.

The cutaway is quite drastic (but effective), and the finish is a bit too glossy in my opinion. The undersaddle pickup/electronics aren't anything special, but they aren't awful either - that's something. It's quite quiet (comparitively) when I play it at folk sessions, but it feels comfy to hold and is nice to play. It's definitely better than some in the price range.

Hope I helped.
used 000-15 cutaway. i've been playing one live for the past 5 years, love it
late 90's 000-1 if you can find it for less than 1k. LOVE 000-1
thanks for the ideas. it ain't easy.

RockinSince1993 - both seagulls are too deep. i owned a seagull grand, figuring it would be okay, but it actually made my shoulder worse, so i sold it.

sonofsatchmo - 43mm is actually not 1 13/16" - it's 1.69". 42.86mm is 1 11/16" and 44.45mm is 1 3/4", but that's an intriguing guitar. i didn't know that yamaha made a sort of traditional parlor.

jt93 - a 000 is larger than a 00, and in my original post, i specify "00 or smaller". i've tried the 00-15 and the 12 fret worked okay for me.
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I just looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and under "Acoustic Guitar", there was your Avatar and an email address!