Hi all, registered on this forum quite a while ago but I this is my first post...

Anyway, I'm extremely interested in buying a bass guitar, with the Epiphone EB-0 and EB3 both attractive to me. The thing is, is it worth paying the extra £70+ for the EB3? I made the mistake of buying a pretty dire Chinese-made "Fender" guitar for my first electric, I'm pretty keen to avoid making the mistake of buying a poor quality instrument again.

My budget for the bass guitar alone is £200, I've not even considered amps or the like yet, so suggestions on the best beginner amps would be deeply appreciated.

Thanks in advance, and if you have any questions don't hesistate to ask.
it seems like th eb3 is much more versatile so i say its worth, i could be wrong though
Try looking into the Peavey Millenium BXP series, great bang for the buck, probably just a little bit over your budget, but its really the little bit that makes a pretty big difference, mine cost about 280 euros, but it does not feel like a cheap starter bass, sounds good and looks terrific. If you're just starting out it should do you fine.
if you don't want a poor quality instrument, Epiphone is probably not the way to go. they have poorly designed necks and bodies that make them uncomfortable for most to play and are also structurally unsound.

Ibanez is a good choice, as well as Squier, but, the VM and CV series are much better than the affinity series, which is no doubt the most disappointing pile of wood around. Peavey and Yamaha are also nice choices.

if you are playing metal and really like that SG look, I believe ESP makes a half decent one in your budget. a little bit sterile on the sound for my Warwick loving tastes, but it certainly seems sturdy and felt pretty nice in my hands. may still neck dive.
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epiphone eb-0 is seriously the worst bass i have ever played. and I have played starter box deans.
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Yah, I would take the advice the humanity and the_perdestrian, certain Epiphone basses have a bad reputation around here.

For £205 you can pick up a Yamaha GSR200, I just googled UK Guitar Shops and found this site with the Yamaha:


Also look at Peavey Millenium Series and Squier Vintage Modified and Class Vibe basses. I myself have a Vintage Modified and highly recommend it.

Hope this helped.
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Thunderbird's aren't any better me thinks, I had an EB-0 for a little while, traded it, It was ok, but they are wired different than the gibsons, rewire it, add flat wounds and it would be alright, I'd buy an EB-3 and also look and make sure it's the solid mahogany not the plywood one. They are thick toned basses, if you are looking for anything but a deep shapeless thump, that will be muddy if you don't EQ the heck out of your rig, I'd consider something else. A Squier is a good start don't worry about looks first. The Affinity series is hated on, but I've played Affinity P's alongside my MIM P, MIM J and MIJ Mustang and I've never had a problem, I just bought another one to mod actually.