Hey guys,

So recently I made the step up from modding pedals to building them and I decided to make a DOD 250 clone for a friend. So I've got everything connected, plug it in and the signal goes through fine. However when I try to turn the pedal on it cuts out completley

Im currently using this diagram for the switch http://www.geofex.com/FX_images/stompsw.gif the 3pdt one.

The only thing is I haven't ground the inputs to the board only the switch could that be the problem?

yes, you need to ground the board where it should be grounded.

the problem likely isn't in the switch wiring, it's in your circuit. not grounding the ground points on the board would count as a problem in the circuit
if it cuts out completely then it's still an issue with the circuit..which could be several things

luckily a dod250 isn't too complicated of a pedal..check to make sure that all your connections are solid and there aren't any bad solder joints. with no symptoms other than 'it makes no sound' to go off of, trouble shooting's pretty tough from my end of things :/
Yeah I'm sorry it works now sort of, although the drive knob doesn't do anything at all current seems to flow through the circuit fine now.

EDIT- Never mind they are the same thing
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