Whats up UG?!

My name is Mitch, i'm from a town outside of Detroit, Michigan called Westland. BUT Enough about me lets talk music, shall we?

I am in a Death-Metalcore band named 'Emanon' (Working Title).

We have a Vocalist (My buddy Colton), a rhythm guitarist (My Buddy Nate), and a lead guitarist (Me )

We have great band chemistry and were writing music all the time, were just missing some major necesseties, A drummer and a bassist.

We need someone (This goes for both instrumentalist) that has at least 3 to 4 years experience in there instrument and is between the ages of 18 and 21

Bassist - We need someone with stage presence and the talent to back it up, hell if you can do singing vocals, thats a plus

Drummer - Hate to put you under pressure, but we need someone that can bring the thunder with there drumming, and what i mean by that is your gonna need to know how to do Blast Beats, Double Bass (both fast and intricate), and improvise.

Well if you got the talent, then good. But know this:

1. We want SERIOUS MUSICIANS ONLY!! We take our music very seriously and if your the kind of person to not show up to practice and not call ahead of time or anything of that sort, then dont bother replying

2. No Drama Queens or Assholes!! We all get along in the band, we like to hang out and chill and have fun like everyone else, its not practice practice practice all the time, that would be ridiculous. BUT the point im tryin to get at is if you got a bad temper, hot headed, or you cause problems on a daily basis, then dont bother replying.

I dont feel like i am asking for too much. Just two cool dudes lookin to join a band of brothers to make metal music for kids to mosh and kill each other in the pit.

Cant wait to hear from ya.