I'm saving up for an american strat, but I came across a Mexican Strat with an american neck, locking tuners, american pickups and electronics, and a mexican bridge/body for 450. I haven't been able to check it out, but would this compare to an american strat? I'm one of those GAS guys who has bought way too many low end guitars and amps, but I decided this week to just get my dream guitar and amp. I have the amp, a fender bassman '59 RI, and now just need the guitar, which is the strat. So I'm asking if any of you were in my shoes, would you bite at the cheaper alternative or wait for the real thing. thanks!
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Provided all the parts fit together, this could be a very nice strat indeed. You can buy an upgrade-body at some time if you so wish. Whether or not the guitar is any good as is is hard to say, like any instrument, you'd have to inspect it with your own eyes, hands and ears.

EDIT: What's the price for a used AM Standard and MIM Standard in your area?
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It would be good. But unless you actually try it, you're forgetting that the biggest part of a guitar is the wood in the body. Thats generally why American strats cost more - through quality of wood. But hell, if it sounds good and you have a fair price, grab that bad man!
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definintely check it out as it seems odd that someone would replace all the parts but the body with american. beware of the odd neck with a waterslide decal saying fender USA but is bogus. $450 isn't a bad price provided that all is well. also check the parts as only the really high end fenders come stock with locking tuners.