Hey, its the notorious Snuts again ;-)

Posting in a Drummers Forum on UGUITAR has a special feeling to it, guess anyone has some guitar skills, right?

I am one for human drummers, may the machines be tight as they are, its just a different ball game.
If you are with me on this and have a lonely recording of yourself playing your favorite groove somewhere on your harddisc, thats exactly what my request is about.
Goal is to create a big, free online database of looped or structured rhythms, to wich other musicians may practise or contribute further instruments, thus creating new jamtracks to infinity.
Like in real life, drummer has to go first to get something going ...
If this sounds somewhat interesting to you, I'd be happy to check out your beats! A bit unlike UG, the beats database shall contain all kinds of styles, ranging from BossaNova to Dub, Jazz to Metal, HipHop to Shuffle - point is: No matter whats your favorite style, I'm interested, so dont be shy and send me a PM or check out the link to the project shown in my sig.

I knew Drummers are the coolest, thanks!