I have my guitar all sanded, routed, and all the gear is ready to go! I'm in the process of painting now, I know the scheme i want, the colors, but what types of paint should i use? It's not going to be a Soild color, its sorta going to be like a painting on the guitar. What brands of paint last long and wont chip or peal, what do you guys use?
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But anyway, for a solid colour try car paint. Not sure about anything for drawings though.
I've seen guys use airbrush paints with very good results.
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Check out re-ranch.com for nitrocellulose. They sell it in spray cans and have great tips and instructions. I refinished a tele with that and it is awesome. However, even thought nitro is well accepted as a guitar paint and has been used for a long, long time, it is a fragile finish and will wear away over time.
Lots of people have also gotten good results with regular spray paint. There should be a "guitar refinishing" thread at the top of the forum. Read through that and post any other concerns there. The guys who frequent that thread are very helpful.