Hello Everyone!

I'm new here (to the forum, not the site), and was wondering if I could get some suggestions.

I've recently committed to really learning guitar. I'm taking freeskool classes on Fridays and am trying to practice an hour a day. I'm looking for songs to play to help me improve. I'm pretty picky with my music and prefer "indie" music (politically I just don't want to support record companies). I'm open to all songs, however, and have learned a few that are not indie. I would rather finger pick than strum (my rhythm is slightly lacking), and would like songs which I could sing along to (I'm trying to learn to coordinate).

Here is my repertoire thus far:

The Be Good Tanyas - Junkie Song
Laura Veirs - July Flame
Johnny Cash's version of Hurt
part of Joanna Newsom's Only Skin (can't finger pick it yet though)

I also know those stereotypical songs that everyone learns, such as 4 non blondes, green day, house of the rising sun, jolene, etc. Other than the usual CCR and whatnot, are there any other suggestions? Thus far I've mostly been making up my own and singing about whatever pops into my head, but goals are always nice.

Thanks and happy playing!
uuh you might like something from Bloc Party? Yes record company I know but
anyway: Banquet (I LOVE BANQUET) Is great to play with friends..
So here we are, I guess you could fingerpick
and for some more fingerpicking learn: Traffic in the Sky by Jack Johnson (not hard, but great Good luck!
hmm. Thanks. Not a Jack Johnson fan and not big on Bloc Party (though I enjoy them at times), but I'll check those suggestions out.

Anyone know much about this site:

It's where I learned the Laura Veirs song. However, there doesn't seem to be a ranking based on difficulty... perhaps I need to start my own archive.
I just had a look at that site and there's some Bon Iver on there - have you tried any of that? It's not standard tuning but may be the sort of thing you're looking for.