im going to buy a bass but i dont know anything about them do i buy a five string or a four is it hard to change strings or easy and what makes are decent and what is a good price to pay for one can someone answer my questions?? also pre owned or new?
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To start off on, probably a 4 string, go to your local music store and try a few out, see what you like the look, feel and sound of, in England about £150 for a new bass (Just bass not starter pack) will get a decent beginner bass. Over the internet, i'd buy new, in person, used is always an option, will get you a good bass for a decent price.
you should really try and avoid starter packs. if you are absolutely strapped for cash then they are the way to go but most of the stuff in them is garbage.

4 or 5: completely personal. do you like a lot of heavier music? or jazz? then you may want a 5. I play a 6 and it just makes everything easier to play. the downside though is that the more string generally you have tighter string spacing which can make it harder to play but forces good technique. more strings also means bigger neck, some people like that some don't.

its pretty easy to change strings. every guitar player/ bassist in the world can do it for themselves.

brands to look at are peavey, yahmaha, ibanez and squier(not the affinities.
brands to avoid behringer, dean.

you can get a very passable bass for 200-250
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