I tabbed a new song. I'm really eager fan of Rise Against, so it might
have some influence of it.

I really hope that You like it. Constructive critics are always welcome.
I'm just a beginner in songwriting and playing guitar.

Thanks for commenting. I will comment back :3

If you are using Guitar Pro 5, I prefer listening it in midi.
The Intro had a very generic chord progression, but it doesnt really matter because it sounds good, plus its punk haha. However, while I liked those transition notes between each chord, I didnt really like that A# on the second string at the end of bar 2. When the guitars came in, it was fine though. You should also try having the guitars do that same thing at the end of bar 8, like play a G# powerchord there instead of just staying with that B one you have. That might be confusing, so Ill upload a file of what I mean.

The Chorus/Interlude section was nice, really loved that melody on the octaves. The Verse was okay, but when the guitars come in, I wouldnt use a Crash on the drums, I would try a hi hat instead. Anyways, the verse was nice. Chorus and interlude were both really good too this time around. The Bridge was a change in mood, and I could probably do without it to be honest. The Breakdown wasnt great either in my opinion. Thats just my opinion though.

If you dont mind, could you C4C ?
punked Intro Edit.gp5
Saying that Rise Against had SOME influence was an understatement; but by no means is that a bad thing. You nailed their sound when it comes to their version of punk throughout the overall song.

The solo seems a little to short to me and sounds like it's missing some transition between the first and second parts indicated by measure 124 , but the licks and what not (i forgot the terminology) do sound good with accompaniment by the rhythm guitar. The ending with a bend to a C# in the second to final measure of the solo leaves unresolved tension; and the final 3 notes in the solo make me feel like there's more to come in the next measure. Maybe take those last three notes out of the final measure, and then you could get away with the bend leading into the chorus.

The simple chord progressions sound great, which is exactly what your aiming for since punk chord progressions are very minimalist. Really I can't say much more about the rest because I think it was very good and you did a great job with the work you have done on this song.