Has anyone tried the Marshall Major or Minor headphones? I read some reviews and they were pretty good, but I wanted to know if anyone here tried them. I want to use them for playing guitar at night and listening to music.
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I havn't tried them but a friend of mine has them and he told that he's pretty satisfied.
I read the title as Marshmallow Headphones, my imagination went into overdrive.
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I wouldn't Mar-shell out for them to be honest, I haven't tried them but there are some pretty great headphones for less than what the Marshall ones cost.
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I've heard that the sound is decent enough, but not really a sound that justifies the price tag.

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I read the title as Marshmallow Headphones, my imagination went into overdrive.

They were pretty oke, but i couldn't buy them, and now I've got an AKG K450
it was about 70-80 euros (probably the same in dollars) and they are much BETTER
Get these: Audio Technica ATH-M50

I'm using them for the exact same application, they are phenomenal. You can find them online well below the MSRP of $199 (USD).
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