The recording quality is terrible and it sounds very empty, but the lead guitar and vocals and solo are not added yet! I wanted to emphasize this :p but I wanted some criticism and suggestions about the overall feel of the song. lyrics (which are mostly done) are as follows:


He walks up to the counter
Sits in the same old seat
He orders his regular
A cup of joe and cream
He opens up the paper
The date reads "another day"
The father bows his head
he cant believe he walked away


Ten years go on by
The seats are in the same places
Nothing has changed
Not even the faces
He orders that regular
cup of joe and cream
He opens the paper
Man he's living in a dream

Regrets are like ghosts
They might slowly fade
Regrets are those memories
That haunt you through the day


The door jingles
A young man comes in
…looks so familiar
I know that grin
He sits by the old man
There's a strange vibe
He looks into his face
He sees himself in his eyes

HEAVY VERSE (incomplete)
How could you leave me
Alone to die?
How could you sit around while
Your baby boy started to cry?


1- I like the rhythm guitar sound. Kind of Neil Young-ish but it's overloading your mic. Sounds good though. Maybe bring the volume down a bit to give your pre a break.

2- Bass is out of tune, which makes it hard to listen to. Bass settles into nice part but starts a little flakey - the intro has to be strong.

3- little lead part in the beginning - guitar is out of tune and the intonation is off - or the player just has a heavy touch and is knocking it out.

4- Drums sound good but too much crash. Like the groove but use the crash sparingly

I do like the song and the drum thing is minor. I like this style of music so let me know when it's done.

Here is one of mine if you want to critique it:

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the bass and drums were actually made on tuxguitar :x and the lead at the beginning was my fault because I'm only a rhythm guitarist and I had no idea how to play it. As for the guitars being out of tune, this was just to get a concept of the song, however I should have been a little less sloppy.
no worries man! I really like what you're doing, the rhythm part sounds great IMHO and it sounds like it could be a really cool song.