my amp is a Randall RH200 which has gnarly distortion but is an old used model with no channel footswitch, meaning I'm pretty much screwed into using an outboard unit for live playing if I want to switch tones. plus I'd like to have some effects.

I'm looking into getting a multi-effects unit. I've tried out a few, including a Rocktron Utopia. I found that the low-gain and clean settings were very nice, but the more distorted settings sounded very muddy and "fake," i.e. there was no fullness to the tone and it sounded sloppy. I know this is a problem in general with digital distortion as opposed to tube distortion. I play metal so this was a major turn-off for me.

I'm curious, however, about the line 6 pod live series, especially the newer models. I've heard nothing but praise for these pedals, but I can't seem to find one within driving distance to try out. How are the distorted settings? What I've read seems to indicate that they have much better-than-average high-gain models, but I've never been impressed with Line 6's amp distortion. Does it sound more "real" than other pedals, or is it still a little bit off?
Go for a stomp box if you're just looking for distortion. I reccomend the plexitube from radial. It has a tube in it so you get nice distortion! Great for the classic marshal sound. It also has a lead channel so you have a boost for your solos. If you just want distortion the pod live isn't the way to go because you're paying extra for all of the other shit included. I have one, and it doesn't sound very real imo
ive got a line 6 pod x3 live, and love it.
i can easily get tones from 80's hair metal to balls-to-the-wall dying fetus death metal, without having muddy or digital sounds.

look around on ebay or used at guitar center and youll find them going around the $300USD mark.

reread your first post, and with all the different amp and pedal models, you can make it sound like a basic spider, or a marshall, mesa, engl, bogner, etc. all with just a few minutes of tweaking.
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I love my XT Live's tone, but honestly, I wouldn't use it for anything other than bedroom use. If that's all you need it for, it's everything you'll ever want and need it to be. I find it to sound pretty bland when plugged into an amp (even into a nice power amp).
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If you love your amp's distortion, why don't you use an A/B/Y switch and use a multifx for clean sounds and switch to your amp for distorted stuff?
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Maybe the price tag is clouding your judgment ?
yeah probably. Or the circuits.
If your amp has an FX loop I'd recommend it. Using amp models straight into the front of the amp doesn't sound that great to be honest. Even with all the tone correction settings they give you.

Also the A/B/Y box is probably worth looking into too.
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