so i'm currently setting up a home studio and i'm looking for a large diaphragm condensor mic at a reasonable price but one that will still give me a studio sounding quality.

I'm currently looking at this: SE Electronic Z3300A but i would like to get some other opinions before buying


but that one looks nice, also check out MXL's (good mics, cheap as ****) OR this tube mic thats actually supposed to be amazing, though I have no ideal from personal experience, though the specs qualify it as at least a 800 dollar mic, I think it goes for like 160 or 200, its by Carvin


^I would love to know from anyone who has actually used it (other then reviews off their site) so if you get it Thread about it and let us know!
I use one of these:


Very cheap and very good sounding IMO

I know a guy who runs a professional studio who just uses these mics.

EDIT: honestly man, check out the reviews
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I've got the AKG Perception 220, and it sounds great for acoustic, mic'd electric, and vocals. It's around $200-300 I think. The guitar parts for Wet Sand in my profile were recorded with the 220. Here's a link to the AKG website:

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I've got an SE electronic 2200a, which is basically the same as a Z3300a without the switchable polar patterns. I think its an excellent mic for the money, build quality is good and the shockmount is very sturdy. I've used it on everything from acoustic guitars to drum overheads and it sounds great.
Wondering where all the love for MXL products has come from all of a sudden? There's another thread similar to this already, so I'll repeat myself by saying the Audio Technica AT4040 or a Rode NT1A, though the AT2020 is good too.
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Wondering where all the love for MXL products has come from all of a sudden?

They're cheap so they're more likely to be a starter mic which is what most people around here are still using.

I suggest getting an AT series mic. A used 4040 is a good place to start if you can afford it. The 2020 is the cheapest mic I'm at all comfortable recommending. Also look for my personal favorite, the Blue Bluebird (used), or the highly praised (around here) Rhode NT1A.