so im starting to get a few more pedals than i used to. im using a lovepedal kalamazoo, Ehx pog, ekko 616 delay, and hopefully the philosophers tone by pigtronix soon. so now im really looking for something thats going to take away that humming and buzz. i was looking at the voodoo lab ISO 5 because its only 100 bucks and it has enough inputs and voltage. but will this one get rid of the buzz just as well as the voodoo lab 2? or should i just shell out the extra 70 bucks? and get way better results? ive never used a power supply like this just 9v adapters. thanks for reading

Either way it's a top notch power supply. I was going to get the ISO 5 but thought I'd shell out a little more for the pp2.
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The ISO 5 has outputs that are isolated from each other, therefore reducing the noise pickup in the pedal loop.

Are the outputs of PP2 also isolated or are they just daisy chained from the same place inside the device?

Something to think about...