Hi all. I have a somewhat new Ibanez Artcore. The damn strap button on the back of the guitar is stripped and I am stumped as to how to fix it. I know on a solidbody guitar all you have to do is take a golf tee, drill to the diameter and put a new screw in and done. But I have no idea as to how to go about doing this on a hollow body. Plus the hole is through the bigsby vibrato?? Thoughts or suggestions anyone??
the strap botton's held in the same way as on a solid body..
just get a couple toothpicks, stick them in the hole and screw it back in, breaking off the extra end of the toothpicks..you should be good
Wood glue, tooth pics to fill the hole, carefully cut and sand flush. Then drill a new hole. A good website for repairs and supplies is Stewart Macdonald.
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I just use toothpicks or kabob skewers to fix a stripped hole.

Does the button attach with a screw? if it does then there must be a block of wood on inside. just fix it like you would on a solid body guitar.
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I actually tried the toothpick trick and it worked for a bit, but it is stripped again. There is a hole through the bigsby where the strap button goes. Do I have to take the bigsby off to correctly fix it. If I take the bridge pickup off can I get my hand in there to wedge a block of wood to screw into?? Its a hollowbody so there is no block of wood, just the 1/8th inch wood of the guitar.
Will a larger diameter screw fit through the hole in the Bigsby? I'd try a coarser thread or a larger diameter screw along with the toothpick trick. Good luck.