I bought this guitar from Ebay at £400 last November, it was EX Demo or Used at a store.

I'm selling it because I don't play this guitar as much as my others (it's sitting next to my wardrobe, getting dusty), that and I want a new guitar or amp soon and this is the only one I don't mind getting rid of too much.

Offer me anything, literally. I am open to strats, Vs, odd shapes, trems, blah blah blah. I could add a bit of cash too.

It's in pristine condition and I have a gig bag for it (it's a bass bag, good fit, strong bag).

The specs are:

Mahogany body/maple neck
Bolt on with contoured heel (very nice, feels just like a set neck)
BDSM pickups (I'd imagine you'd want to change them out, but they sound okay)
1 volume, 1 tone
Lic. Floyd Rose (I don't have the arm for it though)
Widow headstock (unlike the new models)
Made in Korea, not too sure of the date.

£250 sounds reasonable. Bear in mind that I'm in the West Sussex area, and I'd rather collection, but feel free to organise a courier

I can't get pictures to you until tomorrow. It's transparant green and looks really, really nice though.