Thought I'd give this a shot here, I have 2 vintage Yamaha acoustics for sale or trade, moslty looking for electric guitars or parts but will consider acoustics too, + cash on my end if needed. They're both in very good and playable condition, both have very minimal fret wear and have just had their frets polished and been set up, the FG 110 has GraphTech nut and saddle. 110 is red label made in taiwan, 230 is red label nippon gakki.

Yamaha FG 110:

Yamaha FG 230:

sorry to double post, typo in title, 100 is supposed to be 110, mods, how do I contact you for editing?
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Sending you a message on the FG 230.

Message about 230
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Message about 230


guys, sorry I forgot to put the price here, the 230 is $180 + shipping