i need clarafication on the rulls are you only alowed to post one thread a day if so is that on each forum or in genral i need answers!
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Uh... No you can post multiples times. Just don't start the same thread in different forums or in the same forum.
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i believe it's per each forum...
i've posted 2 or 3 threads on certain days looking for answers and also general questions and even NGD/NPD/NAD threads.
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The rule is that you should be sensible with your thread making.

If you think you can condense your questions into one thread without confusing everyone, do so. If you have two or more completely unrelated questions which belong in different forums, make a thread in each.

Doing something like making three threads in the Guitar Gear & Accessories forums each asking about a different effect is the sort of thing you should avoid.

The only forum that I know of that has specific rules about how often you want make threads is Songwriting and Lyrics. The details are in the rules at the top of that forum.

If in any doubt, read the rules of the forum you want to make a thread in. If that doesn't help you, PM one of the mods of that forum.

Hope that helps