So, i got a guitar a few months ago with a floyd on it. Ive seen people with a guitar that's a gazillion years old, and in perfect shape, but here, 5 months later, my bridge has so much gunky stuff on it that its beginning to somehow knock the paint off the floyd rose. i clean my guitar pretty often, and i have no clue what's going on.
i read somewhere that you should take the bridge apart every now and then and soak it in lubricant or something of the sort. If i did that it would take me years to put it back together.
So, to the point, whats the easiest way to clean a floyd rose? im thinking a vaccuum for dust and just scrape the gunk off, but i dont enjoy seeing the dull brass color on my shiny new guitar. help?
ps- i live about 50 feet from the ocean. maybe salt does it?
Do you have an official Floyd of a licensed Floyd? Because if you have some cheap Asian licensed model then yes, the salt in the air is probably eating the cheap finish.
Yeah, I have my son's guitar here for a little upgrade, and he's got gunk. I've cleaned the fingerboard, but getting stuff out of the cracks and corners of the FR is a pain. Sounds like you have some kind of finish problem. Getting it refinished is nearly impossible, unless you know someone who works at a chroming shop and wants to do it on their own time. Even then, its proly cheaper to replace it than refinish it. Or you could learn to love the road worn look.