Just looking for a little advice, i recently bought a second hand Marshall JCM2000 DSL, which has great tone, but it has an annoying problem... It hums like a BITCH! When i us a guitar with humbuckers, it is slight and not too bad, but using my Strat it is UNBEARABLE! Any ideas how to reduce the hum?
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Chances are, if your Strat has single coils, this is what's causing the hum. Single coil pickups are notorious for picking up RFI and EMI, which are Radio Frequency Interference and Electromotive Interference. These are caused by the wiring in your home, flourescent lights, motors and the like. Changing your playing position and even changing the position of the amp can help. Also, make sure you use decent quality cables. You don't need to use ultra expensive boutique cables, just something of decent build quality.
mxr smart gate sounds like what you need

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Before doing ANYTHING I would try shielding the inside of your guitar. As a previous poster stated single coils are notorious for picking up interference which could be causing hum. The best way to reduce this is to shield the guitars cavities. Its cheaper than buying a noise gate. Also roll the gain down a bit and see if it goes away. Then finally buy a noise gate if you need to.
i am going to disagree with those that said use a noise gate. they are definately right about single coils. noise is just wat ur gonna get wenever u use single coils. noise gates arent for everyone. alot of people i know don't like them because of the way they work. i play mostly metalcore and i'm fine with them. i would suggest this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbdtS_SNqvY
ISP Decimator. Use a noise gate.
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Have you checked the tubes for microphonicity?
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