Hey, T&C! It's good to be back at work getting new material done and collaborating with my future bandmate, DiminishedFifth. He just got into Berklee College of Music, so congratulate him. I COMMAND YOU.

Anyway, here's a short song that many of you may have heard on DiminishedFifth's EP. It's the intro to the whole thing, but we took it and overhauled it completely. This will probably be the intro to our live sets, and the real thing will feature Indian percussion, and flutes. The recording should be done in about a month, so be on the lookout for that.

Anyways, no specific questions or concerns here, just be tough but constructive.
C4C as always.

I'm glad to see the koto is used more, and makes more sense here. Originally I just thought "what is a koto doing there", it seemed a bit arbitrary, now it's crucial to the character of the piece.

I loved the additions to it, the section starting at bar 41 was my favourite. I also loved the koto melody and chords starting at bar 25.

The way the first melody comes back at the end makes it seem very resolved and self-contained, and by the end of the piece it had built up some momentum and atmosphere, which I'd imagine would make Defining a Heavenly Body seem even better than if you were thrown straight into it. Very effective intro.

Only thing I didn't quite like is the sound of the overdriven guitar doubling the koto in the section I mentioned as my favourite, the two instruments don't seem to fit together well IMO. I think that might just be the tone of the midi instrument, but I'd suggest listening out for that bit when it's recorded, and if it sounds a bit off maybe changing the overdriven guitar to something softer like a string section.

Just wondering, did you introduce any themes or melodies from later on in the EP here? That's what I'd have done, if I thought anything could benefit from feeling familiar when it's first properly heard, I love doing that.
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I believe I've already congratulated DiminishedFifth several times on the great news that he now has a spot in Berklee. But as goes for both DiminishedFifth and Progbass92 I'm sure they both will go far and make amazing music together in the future.

Anyway to the track, like everything both DiminshedFifth and ProgBass92 work on, it is just amazing. That's really all I can say and I'm being as honest as I possibly can be. This is just a great sounding piece and I look forward to hearing some recorded music by you two!
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The intro reminds me of some oriental music, while it also reminds me of some music from Age of Empires II. Very good theme here.

The action builds nicely, and the guitar accents the koto well. The melody at 17 gives me different feelings, so Im unsure if its melancholic, epic, or aspiring. Perhaps all of them. The use of accidentals from the key at 24 was great. The tension building at 25 is also great, good chord choice and interesting phrasing. I like the subliminal Koto notes.

41 reminds me of more djent than the rest of the piece, what with the low note chug bending. 58 to the end is awesome with both of the nice melodies going, I really liked that part. All in all, nothing I could see to change.

Also, what tuning are you in? CGDFAE? What is that exactly? Its like Drop C with a double sharp C and D. Is it an open tuning?

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@Whalepudding: I think we're going to keep this independent of anything else we write for now. No themes are introduced, it's just a short piece. We are in the process of writing a djent/ fusion/ orchestra/ whatever epic that should be finished in the coming months. We should be able to get more work done on it when DiminishedFifth gets out of school.

@Gulli: Thanks a lot man. The recordings are gonna be awesome. Drums, bass and synths are all done for this song and we're just waiting to do guitars now.

@Life is Brutal: I think the tuning is an open Cmaj13(no7) if I'm not mistaken but I'd ask Nick. He'd be able to confirm that. It's his messed up tuning, not mine, haha.
@Whale: Thanks man. Yeah PB made the Koto more "in the mix". But, like he said, there aren't any new themes developed here that'll be used later. Maybe if we decide to at another point we will, but, as of now, nope.

@Gulli: Recording out in the coming months hopefully.

@Life is teh br00tz: Prog is right... Open CM13(no7). I'm surprised you JUST noticed as 2/3 of my EP is in this tuning
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@Gulli: Recording out in the coming months hopefully.

It better be! *Shakes fist*
"Fly with me forever high
And with these wings
We'll set the world on fire
Fly with me through scorching skies
You and I - The lie of lies"

-Symphony X