Alright, so I plan on purchasing a brand new 6 string in the next couple of weeks, and I'm kinda caught between two different guitars that I can't really choose from.

This one: http://www.adirondackguitar.com/lefty/schecter/2008/bj_atx_c1.htm

The Schecter Blackjack ATX C-1, all the specs are in the link.

or this one: http://www.adirondackguitar.com/lefty/schecter/2010/c_1_custom.htm

Also a Schecter, but it's the Custom C-1.

The price is nearly the same for both, so that won't be an issue, but I can't figure out which would be best for me since I play a decent variety of things.

I've heard the Custom has great versatility, but I'm not really sure how it would hold up with the type of metal I play. However, I also need something that will sound great with a warm clean tone, and a crunchy more "hardcore/punk" tone.

I know that the ATX will be the best choice for metal. It's got the blackouts, and it looks amazing, and the characteristics of the body are similar to the Custom C-1, but I'm not sure how the cleans will sound on it, or how the crunchy tone will follow through.

I play things like:
Protest The Hero
Parkway Drive
All That Remains
August Burns Red
Scale The Summit
Between The Buried And Me
Have Heart
For The Fallen Dreams
The Ghost Inside
I haven't tried either, but I know the C-1 has really good Duncan passive pickups and the other one has active.

I was going to buy the C-1 since I prefer passive pickups as I feel they have more character. The C-1 will be more versatile, and people praise it's cleans. The Blackjack will be more suited for Heavier music.

I would go with the C-1 (I actually was going to buy one) but I decided to switch to bass at the last moment.
I play a majority of heavy music, but I plan on writing music that has that heavy drop-tuned metalcore-ish style, with progressive cleans with tapping and sweeping. So that's what I'm unsure of. Which will be better when it comes to clean and distorted soloing? Tapping and sweeping?
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Go with the custom they realy are amazing for the $$
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