Hey guys, well I am kinda a beginner to guitar. I play for like 8 months or so..
Im looking for Easy Megadeth song..

I know this from Megadeth:

Symphony of Destruction
Thats about it tbh.
I know like Wake up Dead but not all (I know spider chord thingy, but the pre-solo riff idk) - after that solo he sings I wonder will she find out.. you know it
Hook in mouth- this song is easy to me, basic power chord slides, some alternate palm mutes, but the very hard part for me is the solo rhytm, cant get it.
I know Tornado of Souls most of the song but cnat get that intro riff with pull offs.

So help me pick few songs.. Any tips maybe?
I have a question too. Its about Holy Wars.
I know that whole song is galopping style. I can't get it. I practiced for multiple hours tha song but just cant get it, intro riff sounds sloppy idk what im doing wrong.

Thanks in advance.

Voodoosnake out!
Yeah I know, but I have problems with it? Most of you are gonna say "practice makes perfect" which i 100% agree but maybe i dont know the concept.
On Holy Wars I do Up Down Up, but it sounds awful, and i cant get the sound good.
Quote by Voodoosnake
On Holy Wars I do Up Down Up, but it sounds awful, and i cant get the sound good.

usually galopping is played down-up-down, or D DUD D DUD. I cant get any good sound when starting with an upstroke either
Yeah my mistake Im doing DUD. Maybe I should just quit guitar. Galopping pisses me off big time!
Its always hard in the beginning, I couldnt play Holy Wars when I had been playing for 8 months either. You just gotta keep practicing as dull as it may sound. She-wolf is a great galopping practice song though, learning that might solve your problem
GUys i dont know what happens with me, i just played she wolf like this:
hope its good

I dont play at 100% but i think its good?
How about you try Tout Le Monde? That's one of the easier songs.
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Hangar 18 is pretty easy until you get to the solos
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Just be patient with Galloping start slow and build you way up.

And when it comes to the pattern, people are inclined to stick to DUD DUD DUD DUD but that starts to hinder your playing a t faster speeds (like 240bpm)

You should be able to do DUD UDU DUD UDU DUD just as well, it'll help in the future
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Is Wake up Dead suppose to be hard? Cause I can nail it perfectly, yet some easier songs are "harder"-
Vortex is a pretty fun one to play and not too bad on the difficulty. Losing My Senses is a really easy one and it's pretty fun to just jam to. Most of the songs on The World Needs a Hero and Cryptic Writings are pretty easy and a good place to start with playing Megadeth.
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