First: Don't be weirded by my username. I'm not one of those people that just says stupid shit all the time.

I play guitar, my friend plays bass. We're working on vocals.
We're doing mostly of our material and new ideas are welcome.
His influences are mainly alternative-ish, punky, and hardcore-ish with some trash in their as well some electronic music.
Mine are mainly in metal, some alternative, I've been getting into some visual kei, and I don't know.
Things we won't do are things like country, rap, and classic rock. We are aware of them, just not into it.
We're still define our sound and we someone that can keep a beat and add their own special touch to it. You don't have to be like machineman but please know what you're doing.

Our stuff now is kinda happy and punky with some metally bits right now. The lyrics are kind of depressing. We'd like to see where it goes.
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