Hi guys

The other guitarist in my band recently got an 8 string, and we're looking for ways to incorporate the instrument into our sound alongside my regular six string. We've brainstormed a few ideas back and forth, and the real issue we've hit is tunings. What tunings for each guitar would you suggest we use to make it easier to write and play together?

The two we've been thinking about are Drop E (E, B, E, A, B, G, D, E) on the 8 string and standard tuning on the six, or standard tuning for both.

I thought it would be helpful to present the idea to a community of people that probably know more about the issue than the two of us, so what do you think?

A E on the lowest string makes more sense than a low F#, if your are playing in standard E on the six string.
It doesn't really matter. The guitar isn't a transposing instrument (well it is, but not in the same way the saxophones and clarinets are for example) so if you tell him to play a G he simply finds it on his guitar (1st fret 8th string). If you write in E frequently and think it would be helpful to have him hit that low E to support the bassist then you may want to use the drop tuning. It doesn't really matter in terms of being able to speak the same language musically.
You could tune it like scale the summit. B E A D G B E G
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Well you can fit them together by you saying "lets play an A chord!" and then you both play an A.

What exactly is the problem with syncing? Past "learn your instrument" I'm lost as to what thr problem could be.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
You could have him tune it to E A D G B E B E, it'd be essentialy the same as having a bass at that point, could do neat things like that.

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