Pretty much as the title says. I've always found guitar instructional videos cheesy and didn't think much of them until I tried them out. Ones on developing technique, stuff by Paul Gilbert and Frank Gambale in particular, have helped loads.

Now I know some theory, I've written some songs I'm happy with and regularly play them with my band. I'm a huge fan of Prog bands like Cynic, Animals As Leaders, Between The Buried and Me, Born Of Osiris and Protest The Hero. I'd really like to write songs with such levels of intricacy and complexity but don't really know where to start

Can anyone suggest any instructionals on developing songwriting and applying theory? I can play, at a somewhat intermediate level, major/minor scale modes, work out chord shapes, sweep and string skip arpeggios, you name it. I just have very little experience in songwriting and would like anything that can supplement it a little.
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Repost this in Musician Talk, but avoid using that title as it appears that you're advertising when you're not. Songwriting & Lyrics is not about musical theory; it is about how to write the words for a song.