I have an American strat with an s1 switch on the volume pot Although I like it it gives me some trouble. Some times after switching it on or off it'll mute the entre guitar and if I spin the volume a little it'll come back I usually play with is off anyway and was wondering how difficult switching the pot and knob to a standad volume knob would be if anyone has any experience doing so. Thanks
The pot's just worn down. Switching to a standard volume pot would be easy though you'd also have to swap the current super-5-way selector switch for a standard one. You might also find that the leads ftom the current pickups aren't quite long enough to go onto the new switch, depends how much slack Fender left.

You can buy new S-1 switches from almost any Fender dealer and they're surprisingly easy to install, or any tech should be able to install it for you in an afternoon.