Hey !

I know it's not perfect. It was also recorded really fast with a Digitech multi-effect.
Anyway, what do you guys think ?

I've been playing for about a years and a half.

See my profile for the mp3 !
sounds kind of cool. I would eliminate the drum part because it's really straight time and it sounds like you want to kind of swing the part so it sounds like they don't match.

Maybe try dialing the gain back or going to more of a light Tube Screamer type sound and less of a high gain part.

I would love to hear it like that. Thanks for sharing - you have some potential there.

Here is one of mine if you want to critique:

I agree, the drums seem a bit out of place a times, a bit stilted alongside the blues riff. I also agree that at times it feels like there's a bit more gain then necessary, especially around the 22-26 second mark.
Yeah it was definitely not a good recording method. I just don't own a microphone or mixer so I plugged the headphone out from the cheap Digitech pedal right into the computer.

I was more about the riff.
the riffs awesome man I like the nice classic crunch sound ur getting out of your guitar man. also think the drums dont match but it doesnt take away from your sweet riff man. I also made up this lil riff I put in a song if ur down to check it out in the original recordins section.
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