Question. My friend had his Xiphos ripped in half (car crash, it's literally in half.) And he has a leftover Edge III bridge, can I use that bridge in place of my Licensed Floyd Rose bridge on my guitar?

My guitar is a knockoff Jackson Kelly, not like it matters too much. Just wondering if replacing the bridge can be done without any modding.

Also, my licensed Floyd is broken, which is why I'd be replacing it in the first place. So yeah. any help is greatly appreciated .
Good god that poor man

I'm damn sure they have different dimensions as far as routing goes, get the dimensions from their sites and do some comparisons.

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I'm not for sure if the routing would work, its is for sure a possibility, double check the routing on your Jackson and the size of the Edge III. However if you have the money I would recommend getting a different Floyd, I have an Ibanez RG350DX which has an Edge III on it, and after two years of ownership the bridge has been great trouble for me. The Edge III is really low quality in the spectrum of Floyd Bridges and I have struggled with tuning stability on the Edge III repeatedly with this guitar. Overall I have heard both good and bad about the Edge III.

I'd advise asking your friend what his experiences were with the bridge, and make your decision from there. All of this of course pending whether or not it would fit on your Jackson.
the edge three has different dimensions to the floyd and wont just slot in its place but thats not to say you cant do it.
p.s i really feel bad for your friend.