I have been using a cheap 38 watt fender frontman amp and it has this weird buzzing noise that goes on and off every few minutes. Usually when I turn it on it starts buzzing and goes away after a few minutes and comes back later. It's not the guitar, effects, or cables because it buzzes even when nothing is plugged into it. Is there any fix to this or is my amp garbage?
And believe me I know my amp sucks but I'm on a tight budget
38 watt? Thats not one I'm familiar with.

I've had both 15 W and 100W Frontmans, and I found both of them to be easily susceptible to electronic interference around where you are playing. Is it loud enough that it prevents you from playing? If not, then you may just have to live with it. These are not very well made amps, and they do use very cheap components.
The classic way to find an intermittent fault like this is to use a can of freeze and a hairdryer to rapidly change the temperature of individual components until the fault manifests, then you change that component. It's a job for a tech really, trying to diagnose a fault like that without the amp sitting in front of you would be nothing but pissing in the wind.
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Quote by hawk5211
It's 38 W power draw, but 15W output. 2 completely different things.

That makes more sense