Looking for a new guitar to play anything from foo fighters to clapton to black keys to kings of Leon to biffy clyro and I also want the single coil sound I will be looking at both with maple necks and fretboards and the only main differences are the deluxe has noiseless pickups and an s1 switch to sync up the pickups so you can get a humbucker thing going on and you can sync up all 3 pickups at once and the deluxe also has locking tuners and that's about it the deluxe is like 500 bucks more so that's the only disavantage HELP ME OUTTTT
Epiphone Sheraton 2
Takamine Jasmine J33?
60's J bass copy (trying to sell or trade)
fender mustang 1
Victoria Regal II
big muff
seed of life overdrive

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The deluxe's noiseless pickups are not to my liking. They basically just dialed down the top end of the pickups to take out all the noise, and as a result they don't have that classic Strat sound IMO.

The extra switch on the deluxe (which you can add yourself for $10) is NOT providing humbucking positions. It is just turning on a pickup (neck or bridge, I can't remember. I usually wire mine so its a bridge on switch) to give you extra parallel sounds. The Neck + Bridge sound is a telecaster thing, and all 3 in parallel is similar to neck and middle but a bit darker.

I like the MIM standards. Buy one, and spend the extra money on a few mods, and you will have a better guitar, minus the gold hardware. Or do what I did when I was presented with this same choice, wait a year and buy an American Standard. Best decision ever.
I have a modded out standard, and it kicks some major ass. I got a good deal on it but said and done I think I paid somewhere around 400 USD with all the stuff I did.
I personally like the pickups on the deluxe but I don't think it's worth the extra $500 but I do think they are worth the price used.