i recorded my bands song yesterday on cubase 5. the guitarist and i set up the tone of the guitar together and he was happy with it coming out of some crappy computer speakers. now when i sent a mix to him he says, "it sounds terrible, the guitars have too much treble." I mixed it with some bose headphones when I got home.

i need some help cause i'm so frustrated by trying to get guitars to sound good in my recordings. i prefer to mic up an amp but we used direct in for this song.

we guitar went into
1. my presonus audio box usb audio interface (i'll note the blackouts on my guitar worked like preamps so i just turned off the volume on the preamp built into the interface)

2. then the first plug in I used was the Nick Crow 7170 Lead. (He picked out the eq settings on it.)

3. then I used guitar rig 4 and just used a mid size cab setting (4 x 12 uk 70s) with a dynamic 421II mic on axis. (once again I went through the cabs and he told me which one he liked)

4. the last plug in I used was StudioEq (I cut off everything below 150 and everything above 15000 then boosted around 3k)

So.. What am I doing wrong or what could I do to improve my sound or my make guitarist happy?

The drums are on Halion or whatever it's called and are just to keep time so I realize they sound crappy. We're going to replace them later with Superior Drummer. Also there isn't any bass yet.

It's very rough so please ignore that. We're just trying to get the tone to sound good.

Here's a link to a sample of the song: http://soundcloud.com/theycamefromnothing/song-demo

Any help would be appreciated
Try a pretty high-q cut at 3k instead of a boost, the hissy/fizz of using an amp sim usually sits around this frequency. Doing that will really clear your tone up quite a bit and get rid of the harshness. I'd also try putting a tubescreamer in the chain before the head. TSE makes a nice free one. The tone isn't horrible, but you shouldn't try to get a tone that sounds awesome by itself because it will often sit poorly in the mix. I don't even start messing with my amp sim settings until I've got my bass tone finalized and my drums mixed.
thank you. one thing. should I just cut the eq at 3k or slide the high pass (not sure if im using the right word) over from 15k to 3k and just cut everything 3k and up?
yeah make a cut around 3-4k, that's where the "plasticness" of the sound sits at, and getting rid of that cleans it up big time
also on that tube screamer you mentioned what would I set it to as far as tone, volume, and drive?
One thing I've read many times is not to mix with headphones because most of the time in real life your on a stereo, in a car etc.. Headphones can give a misleading stereo field since rarely are you surrounded by the music as you are with headphones. Also you should get a pair of studio monitors. They're designed to not color the sound in anyway unlike stereos and even some headphones because many are designed to accentuate different frequencies like bass. Some monitors are relatively affordable I bought alesis m1 active 520's for around $200 or so and i think they're decent considering the price. Also anytime you do a mix you need to check the mix on several sources, your ipod, a good stereo etc. to get a good objective opinion on the mix.
Also the more eq'ing you do to a signal you start to run into phase issues that can make instruments do funny things in the mix. Ideally you want your tones and sound pretty damn good from the get go and avoid eq'ing as much as possible
I was thinking of buying monitors. Which is more important, how it sounds on monitors or studio headphones?
Obviously monitors.
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Just do a thin cut like this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16210823/guitareq.jpg, adjust to taste obviously. Listen to the guitar with the eq toggled on and off and you'll definitely be able to hear the difference.

On the tubescreamer I usually keep everything at noon. You may need to back off the gain on the amp head itself. Also, I'd suggest putting a noise gate between the TS and the amp head as the TS can get pretty buzzy.

I'd recommend monitors over headphones any day, but I wouldn't bother if you're spending less than $300 for a pair. Low end monitors aren't any better than headphones. It really comes down to knowing your room and doing enough referencing to other systems and practicing enough until you know what your setups strengths/weaknesses are.