Hello there UG!

In order to stop myself from losing my admittedly lack-luster French speaking skills now that the school year is over, I tried to write a song in French! Yay?

So, ummmm, any feedback you guys can give me on anything (dynamics? lyrics? instrumentation? Structure?) would be greatly appreciated!

The song is called "Chanson D'ete", and it's in my profile. English translations are also provided at the bottom of the lyrics

Thanks in advance, and I'll C4C quite happily!


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I like when the bass and drums come in. And the vocal tone is cool, and the harmonies are nice. and harmonica. I was about to say the chord progression was getting repetitive,but you change it up right when I started to say that, so good job with timing of bridge.
So i liked it, but I couldn't find the lyrics so I can't really say anything about that.

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that was actually really cool. dont leave this as a rough concept i must say. the harmonica was sweet as ****.
Quote by jrcsgtpeppers
that was actually really cool. dont leave this as a rough concept i must say. the harmonica was sweet as ****.

agreed. I really like how the vocals come in man sweet stuff. I definately dig it. The drum beat. I listened to ur other stuff I really like it ALOT fav part is prolly the vocals man. I have some stuff posted if u wana check it out here on original recordings.
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I know very little French, but I like how the lyrics sound! Guitar riffs are good, though the verse guitar riff gets slightly repetitive after awhile. Good guitar playing. Vocal melodies are very good! Singing is just slightly pitchy at times, but mostly quite good! I like the harmonica! The drum beat works fine (though the timing was off slightly on one small portion). The recording could use some polish here & there, but otherwise, quite good overall! Please review my music at this link:

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