hi mate nice work!
the first thing i thought was you sound like nirvana but thats not really a bad thing, i think the vocals really help carry the emotion of the song, the bass line is a bit boring for most of the song which kinda made the the chorus and solo seem a bit hollow - maybe some octaves and quick runs would help to fill out the trebly, scratchy guitar (which i quite like)

I like the overall quality (of the sound) and i honestly dont have any criticism that i could put in words.
backing vocals fit well but possibly slightly underutilised.
thats about it hope this helps.
cheers, mick.
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"Pickup": this reminds me of Nirvana (a compliment, I thought this before I read the above comment). Not super tight, but that's not unusual for punk, but tight enough. Vocals, guitar, drums, and bass are all appropriate/good for the genre. Good song writing. Good recording. Please review my music at this link: