So i can play alot of hard chords and switch between them very quick, however there is one chord that i never managhe to play clean. Thats the major bar chord with 5th string root. Lets say that im playing a b major chord. I bar the 5 brightest strings (on second fret), and mute the lowest with the tip of my index. Then im putting the other tree fingers on the 4 fret. Thats how most pepole do it. But i just cant play it clean and switch fast between it and another chord. How do you guys learn it?
You don't need to bar the first 5 strings with your index finger. I found it causes to much tension in my left hand. Instead, I slightly arch my finger, fretting just the 1st and 5th strings, and also muting the 6th.
As for the 3 other strings, I either fret them with my ring finger (the last phalanx laying flat on the 3 strings) if I play power chord-type of music (ie if the 1st string doesn't really need to sound), or with the 3 remaining fingers if I clearly need to have the major intonation with all strings ringing.
I hope that helps...
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I play it with my index finger barred across the top 5 strings, muting the bottom E string, like you said. Then my ring finger (and ring finger only) plays the three notes on the D, G and B string. I barre that across as well and slightly bend the finger towards the end, so that the top E string rings out as well. This is how I do it, and I'm lucky I guess that my hands allow me to do it this way, 'cause apparently, lots of people can't do it this way. You could try though!
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I just play it with the index and ring fingers as described above. If you try to play with four fingers there wont be enough space for your fingers when you play Emaj etc
and you dont need to bother barring all of the strings with the index, just fret the 5th and mute the 1st