I was in a guitar store the other day and they had this brand called VGS. I really liked how they looked. So I tried the guitar and actually liked the feel and tone. It was a VGS eruption and I think it was made after the LTD eclipse.

I searched the forums and reviews but there isn't much info about the guitar nor the brand. I don't want to buy a guitar that falls apart after a month, so if someone has experience with the brand or guitar I would appreciate some advice. I was wondering if they are worth the money and of decent quality. They cost about €300.
How does it compare to let's say an Ibanez art 120, which is in the same price range.

So it's not about advice on what to buy, but if the guitars are worth the money and of decent quality.

thank you
Try it. If it feels solid and sounds good, it probably won't fall apart after a month.

I'd check out the control cavity, see if everything's neat and clean. That's usually a pretty decent indication of how much care was put into the guitar. Then check the neck joint for stability, and see if there's excess glue. Look over the guitar to see if there are any finish flaws, and just play with it for a while to see how it holds up. Abuse it a little to check tuning stability, and make sure to plug it in to the same, or comparable, gear that you have or will be using.
I played some VGS myself, they are pretty much a better alternative to LTDs for about the same or less money. However, the ones I played where their higher-end ones.
VGS is a pretty new German guitar company, that's why people don't know much about them.
VGS is pretty new, so you're not going to find much helpful info on them.
However, I own a VGS Screech Select (a budget model) and it's fairly bulletproof, even including the licensed trem on mine.
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I have the Red Flying Sparks one. I got it for 350 euros. It is pretty decent and looks amazing during live performances. Its got a very rich clean tone and reacts to distortion really nicely. The reason I got this particular guitar was that I needed a guitar for playing punk music onstage and this one looked perfect for it and also the pickup gave just the sound I wanted from my marshall amp.
I have played a high end VGS guitar. It was the Tommy Denander signature modell with the evertune and wiggly frets.

It was a great playing and sounding guitar, but did it have soul?