Hey man, just listening to There's No Them.

Lovin' the time changes!
Also the video's awesome
I recently saw a Dutch punk band who were touring up here. They're called Black Volvo - they're genuinely very good. They've all got very good voices, and it's quite catchy even if you've never seen them before!

They were touring up in Scotland for a little while, check them out! This band newpokerface is pretty good as well!
Sweet Empire I believe are Dutch. Good music + super cool guys = great band.

And their gig here was the one where people in the punx scene started talking to me, so they get extra points for that, even if it wasn't directly their doing >_>
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Hi guys,

if you love melodic punkrock check out my bands music on www.newpokerface.com

you can download our stuff for free on http://newpokerface.bandcamp.com

tell me what you think and enjoy!

You posted this on ThePunksite, no? I remember the album art.

Not really a fan.
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Antidote is all that matters. All those other bands suck hard and you should just listen to Antidote.
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The Apers are pretty fun and Kevin is one of the nicest guys in punk rock.