I've always been talking about wanting an electric guitar for the longest while now, so my aunt bought me one one day from a pawn shop but.... the strings on it, it kinda looks rusty and i fear i may get cut from it and my finger get infected or something like that o.o

So im a beginner guitar player so i was wandering, what type or brand of strings would be good for this guitar? And i know this may be a dumb question but would it make barre chords a lil easier?

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I would recommend a set of Elixirs personally. They feel nice, sound nice, and last for an extremely long time, especially if your hands are clean when you play. I have a 7 string set thats been on my Ibanez since September '10 and they still play like they're almost new. Seriously.

Though, some people don't like coated strings(they have a coating that makes them smooth and last longer), I don't notice any serious difference between coated and non coated soundwise.

They're a bit more expensive than regular strings($15) but will last for ages. Get a pack of "9s", i.e. the gauge, or size, has the smallest string at being .009 and the largest being somewhere around 45ish. This is generally the standard size for many factory guitar setups.

Hope that helps. Oh and bar chords are pretty much going to be a slut no matter what strings you use.
well it's all up to your style. you should go with strings that suit you, 0.9's or 0.10's maybe?

you have to practice them chords
If you are a begginer guitar player, i would recommend experimenting with different types of strings from various manufacturers (Dunlop, D'addario, DR strings, Fender, Ernie Ball to name a few ) and try to find something that suits your own taste. Be sure to experiment with different gauges too.

And to answer the barre chord question...no, strings do not have that much of an effect on the ease with which you play barre chords although they have a major influence on the ease with which you bend strings . If you keep practising you will be able to do them easily at one point. Just keep at it!

Try going for 009 gauge strings at first, because they do not strain your muscles as much as thicker strings would...and when you start playing guitar you first need to build some muscle strength in order to progress
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D'Addario strings are pretty good. Like ciadude2 said, use a lighter gauge, and you will get the barre chords with some practice
It's all up to you really. Everyone has different opinions when it comes to strings be it feel, the way they sound, durability etc.

You just have to try several brands out on your guitar and see which you like the best. Personally I went through 4-5 brands before I settled with Ernie Ball and now I swear by them.
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What you have looks like a Squier clone (I could be wrong), which is good as a starting guitar. Don't worry too much about string brands. Most of them are reputable, and it all depends on taste.

I myself prefer Ernie Ball: http://backstage.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/ernie-ball-2221-nickel-regular-slinky-electric-guitar-strings/100622000000000

You can see the headstock, it's clearly not a Squier.

It really shouldn't matter what strings you get, just try them all one at the time and eventually you'll have an idea of your preferences. That kind of experience comes with time.
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You can see the headstock, it's clearly not a Squier.

It really shouldn't matter what strings you get, just try them all one at the time and eventually you'll have an idea of your preferences. That kind of experience comes with time.

I don't mean to go off topic, but he did say "clone" lol.
Ernie Balls, accept no substitutes.
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Try some Ernie Ball 10s. They are pretty cheap (about $5 a pack locally). When I first started playing I used 9s, but I found that I used to break strings a lot.
D'addario or Ernie Ball go with the ligtest ga. that you can find. It'll be way easyer on your fingers
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Personally I don't like D'Addario or Ernie Ball. As suggested, try different brands over the next few months as you start learning more about guitars.
If you are just starting out, buy whatever is cheap. You're going to brake them anyway. You won't have enough experience at this point to even recognize the suttle differences (if any) in the way the strings sound. If you have weak fingers and no callouses I'd get light gauge flat wound strings. If you want to be macho and possibly discourage yourself, get heavier gauge strings that are round wound.
Personally use Ernie Balls, though other might suggest D'adario's. Anyways, in my experience it doesn't really matter what brand you have, as long as they're a fresh set. Just get either, Ernie Ball's, D'adario's or Elixers and you'll be fine. Experiment with the strings in the future and you'll find "your" set.
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I don't mean to go off topic, but he did say "clone" lol.

oh right
D'addario's are the best.I mostly like .9 they bend really easily,but it's up to you man.
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Personally, I'd recommend DR or GHS, but experiment with different brands to see which one you like the most.

+1, i love DR strings, they play so nice.
well...if you have never restrung before,its not hard, ubt you might screw up. i would recommend a cheap set of daddarios or ernie balls. whatever. cheapest thing. they all will work fine, but it would be a shame to bust a set of 15 buck elixers.

plus, most shops sells standard single strings. look up a guide on youtube. not hard, but it does take practice to get in your groove till you can do it fast and correct. also helps to have the right tools.

would strongly suggest investing in a sting winder thingy. also cuts the strings so you dont have to use a wire cutter.

as far as easy of playability, looks like you have a 25.5 scale strat copy. go with 9s. thnner = easier bending and easier to barr chords. you can g 8s....but jesus thats light.