Hey, me and my band want to record a rehearsal, and I need help.

I was just thinking of bringing my pc over, attaching the mic and hitting record.

Will this work?

Or shall we do individual recordings of the instrument and mix it with a software?

Some advice?

We don't want a super high quality demo or anything, just something audible to listen to on our own accord (we've tried with mobile phones but...eeew).

Thanks in advance.
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It certainly will work, however, if you can use more mics on individual instruments and mix them down that will sound better.
I record my bands rehearsal all the time. I use my SM57 plugged into my lexicon interface and adjust the level so it doesn't clip. I use cubase to record on and just adjust the mic position in the room so i can hear all the intruments decently. We only use the recording as reference and it gets the job done. Cheapest way to go. Best of luck.