Hey guys!

I would like to ask for your help!

What pickup would you recommend to be put in bridge position of a Cort X6?

I listen to progressive metal, death metal, deathcore and that kind of stuff, but mainly Progressive metal, that means I would like a pickup with high definition, great attack and output, yet great cleanliness, being articulate, having chugging bass-mids and singing highs.
I tell you my favourite guitarists are John Petrucci, Tosin Abasi and other progressive guitarists like Circus Maximus's etc, but mainly Petrucci. I also love his early stuff and the albums came out lately. I'm just dying for his tone!

The Cort X6 I'm using is a superstrat with 24 frets and has a basswood body (that's my biggest problem, most of the pickups I've watched tests of were installed in mahagony body) and rosewood fretboard.
It has a special floyd rose bridge and has volume and tone knob(with coil tap) and a 5-way pickup selector.

I mostly prefer Petrucci's tone, well, Tosin's one is more suitable for 7-8 string guitars and it has some odd clarity.

I'm using standard E all the time, nothing dropped because of the floyd system. I also use 9-42 strings at the moment and I prefer it.
I don't have a serious amp at the moment, it's just planned for the future, I'm playing through the computer (Guitar Rig). But I believe it doesn't count so much. It will count when it comes to finding the right tone but now I just want the characteristics.

I must say the ones that I loved the most is the Dimarzio JP model Crunch Lab DP228 F-spaced, but it's also the one I've found the most tests of, and I like the Suhr Aldrich even more (though to my desperation the written reviews say it is not that good). There were pickups I was curious about but found very few tests.
I can say active pickups are not much of my business, I don't really love their sound, I've checked some Seymour-Duncans and EMGs... They are also too sensitive to floyds, string types etc...

I think that's all that comes to my mind.
So, I would appreciate if you would recommend me some pickups!
i had the x-6 vpr for a while. i put a dimarzio x2n in it and it sounded pretty sweet. its a real high output passive pup and i was a huge fan. but, u mentioned petrucci, therefore i would obvoiusly reccomend his signature pup, the crunch lab. both are pretty sweet. i would definately reccomend dimarzio if you want to stay passive. or, if you don't mind getting the guitar body drilled out, throw some emg 81/ 60 in there, nice combo between metal and a lower output, yet stilll active pup