Whats up! I am a guitarist in Chicago looking to start a cover band covering some 90's and 2000's rock/alternative/metal. Looking for a drummer, bassist, second guitarist, and vocalist to play some bar-gigs with. If you're interested let me know.

Influences/covers : Nirvana, Metallica, Rise Against, Rage, Disturbed, Slipknot, Blink, STP, 30STM, White Stripes, TBS, Deftones, Used, Anberlin, Alice in Chains, Blur, Hole, Police, Toadies, No Doubt, and a bunch more!
I read this ad and I would like to join a band I'm a guitarist and I've been playing for 4 years, but I never had the chance to get in a band. I would like to play covers of heavy metal and rock bands. I also live in Chicago and I'm in my 20's
I'm also in my 20's. been playing for 2 years. I'm not looking to make new music now, just do some covers of songs i like and - like the ad says - maybe get some bar gigs on weekends. You have a list of songs you like play?
I know many TallicA songs, a few from their first four albums some megadeth songs and pantera but I would like to play covers mainly before starting to create stuff as a band, and I can play any song you want as long as I have some tabs.
Hey dude, nice playing. I gotta say, you are pretty good. To be honest, I dont know many speed metal songs. I can play Enter Sandman, disposable heros and master of puppets by metallica (all without solos), but i prefer music more along the lines of the used, rise against, nirvana and STP. I'm not a huge fan of Pantera, Megadeth, etc, although i do love metallica. Im more into grunge and alt rock. If you're interested in getting together and jamming, I am down for it but if you are looking for a speed metal fan, I'm not really it.
I'm fine with what you want to play, as I said I have never been in a band and actually it would be pretty cool to jam with another guitarist and play some songs together.
Hey, this might be a little late but I'd like to join I play guitar lead/rhythm, I can play pretty much whatever you need me to. I'm a metal guy but I LOVE 90's alternative, hard-rock, I'm a huge fan of the classics too, Rush, Ramones, Zeppelin. I live in oak lawn too which is right on the border of chicago.