The song is My Smile is a Rifle from John's first solo album Niandra LaDes (and Usually Just a T-Shirt).

I used the backing chords from the song and improved a whole new solo over it while making the vocals (hopefully) a little more listener friendly. It would be great to know what people thought of my changes / additions.

Hey sorry about the delay getting back to you, i commented as jmako7 on your video. just to elaborate a little, it sounded like a couple times you let other strings ring out that you werent playing accidentally and it made it a little messy, but like i said only a couple times. for the most part its right on. thanks for checking out mine
Thanks! As far as the lead guitar being out of tune, this was my philosophy: In the original version, John's guitar is dreadfully out of of tune, but the whole song has a strange beautifulness. I wanted to clean it up without losing the latter so I made sure I tuned up for my takes on the backing chords, and I tuned up before I did the leads, but didnt monitor it throughout the recording process of it. I dont remember if I retuned or not but I wasnt going to worry about it unless it really started to sound way out so it might be a tad off in some places. I also played a ton of dissonant notes over it giving it the same effect even if it wasnt.
Wow man, really impressive, great job! Guitar sound flawless! And your voice is pretty epic too, its tone is really good, and fits the song really well. Like the improv in it as well. Great job man!
The acoustic sounds great. I never heard the original song, but the feeling is nice with all the guitars playing. Vocals sound pretty good. I liked the swells, not sure if it was played like that or edited to make them fade in.
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Very good. I had never heard the original before, but I didn't hear any flaws in the playing. What recording equipment did you use for this video? It was a very clear and professional sounding recording.
Haha i think youd be surprised by the equipment by the sounds of it. it definitely came out better than all my previous videos but all i have is an audio technica atr50 mic which you can get on amazon for less than $10 hooked up to the computer recording into audacity