Greetings dudes.

I had this idea I wanted to get some feedback on with the hope that if there is some major flaw in the concept, I won't waste a bunch of time before realizing it. Sorry if this has been discussed before.

I'm an "advanced beginner" when it comes to electronics, but I am looking to build a stereo tube amp for guitar. My main motivation is for a fun and affordable hands-on project I can learn something from, but I also want to end up with something usable. It doesn't need to be a major powerhouse but I would like it to be able to keep up with a drum kit in a smallish venue. I had a 15watt Crate Vintage Club at one point which was actually a pretty decent sounding tube amp, and seemed almost loud enough at times... but no, not quite. Based on that experience I think I want something closer to 30 watts.

Well as I was toying around with this idea, it occured to me that I'd also really like to run in stereo. I have a pretty decent 2x10 guitar cab I could easily wire up to have independent speaker inputs. I am already planning on replacing the speakers anyway, probably with something cheapish (Jensen MODs maybe) but wanted to get some perspective on this before speaker shopping.

Anyway, I was thinking this kit sounds like it might fit the bill (or at least the budget)

I should also mention that I am not necessarily looking for "classic" tone. I am open to different sounds so long as it works more or less like a guitar amplifier and has some tube warmth.

So my main questions are,

Is there any glaring problem with the architecture, type of tubes, etc in terms of amplifying a guitar signal with what is obviously designed for an audio signal?

Would I need to make any major modifications to the input path other than replacing the RCA inputs with 1/4"?

Will one 16watt channel be similar in output to the 15watt Crate?

Suggestions of a better alternative to the 16LS kit?

Any other comments?

Thanks a ton for your time!
If you wired it up so each output had one speaker then it should work. You'd need to wire up the input so that it runs to both channels. It would give the effect of daisy chaining two amps (like how Hendrix did it). Might be a cool sound since the circuit is designed for a full frequency spectrum.

Honestly though if you check out other sites you can probably find a similar circuit that is actually designed for guitar. I'm pretty sure www.tubedepot.com has one.
As far as the input goes, I would want two independently running channels with their own separate inputs -- the last step in my pedal board is a stereo chorus pedal with separate L and R outputs.
That could work. Just be aware that the channels don't have independent volumes.