Hey guys. I have been looking around for fret inlays recently and I found a site that sells fret "decals". I have a ibanez s320 with a mostly blank neck except for two little dots that are close together on the top of the twelveth fret. Any Ideas as to what design would work? Or even if decals are a good idea?
You are supposed to look at the fret markers at the top of the neck and not the ones on the fretboard. You don't need fret markers on the fretboard. You have everything you need. Staring at the fretboard when you play to know where you are is a bad idea. Learning to play without doing that is a good one.
Yea I do use the dots on top of the neck. Just thought it might be nice to have some on the frets themselves.
I have never used the dots on the side of the neck. my newest guitar doesn't have any and I didn't even notice until someone pointed it out. I don't generally look at any markers though unless im doing a big slide or major hand movement.
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I say get the fret markers if you like the look of them.
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I got some stickers, and they look like stickers as soon as you get close, they do not look like inlays unless you are more than 6 feet away. If its a cheap guitar, they are OK. They were pretty easy to 'install'. Also note, I got the cheapest stickers I could find. Its possible that more expensive stickers might look better.