Wheatstone Bridge (Monticello, IN) is presently recording two collections of original material (one melodic folk-rock with some Christian material, the other of various genres including crossovers) for commercial release, distribution already contracted (iTunes, Amazon, Napster etc. aw well as demos to broadcasters). We are actively seeking acoustic and electric guitar, bass, fiddle/violin, flute, keyboards (melodic piano/organ as well as broad range experimental synth), percussion and vocals (male and female leads plus various backing). Of particular need are an acoustic guitar capable of latin style, primarily simple flamenco, as well as native or second-language Spanish vocalists. Payment is a share of royalties per track. Tracks are released as they are completed, albums when the playlist is completed, royalties are delivered monthly, the books are open to all participants. We seek serious musicians, though not necessarily experts. We do not need whiners, egos, attitudes, and bull shitters no matter how good you (think you) are because we're too busy making music and money to waste time on that. Some online collaboration is possible, but a few face to face meetings are required. The equipment is set up and being used now, however it is portable and can be taken elsewhere if necessary. Participants are welcome to maintain associations and do live gigs with the material, since such spin-offs serve as advertising for the original material, and as such are offered management, logistics and equipment support and further material/recording assistance.

"Together we stand.
Divided we fall.
Come on now people, lets
get on the ball,
and work together...."
-- Canned Heat, still playing since 1965. What do you want to look back on 45 years from now?