should i buy both of these pedals or will the pog be able to do what the oc3 can do aswel as its own effects?
If you can afford both, I'd get both. That way you can set them differently. However, there's nothing the Boss can do that the POG can't, so if you don't need two different tone pick it.
thanks man, i'll just get the micro pog then, just another question, is the micro pog just as good as the original pog
It doesn't have as many options. If you only use one octave up and one octave down, it'll do the job just fine.
thanks, where's the best place to place it on my line of pedals, ie straight from my guitar, big muff then amp, or effects loop, iam not clued up on this as you may well tell

would you say one octave up or down would be enough?
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