Anyone have an idea of how much it would cost to ship an electric guitar and amp (~40-50 lbs) across the US? The distance is about 1200 miles. If you've done this before please leave any tips/suggestions/insight. Thanks
I don't know but I'm gonna guess it's pretty costly. Check with the guys you're planning to ship with, they'll give you a number. They probably have some calculations on their website as well.
The costs are rising, but it's not that bad. I got a guitar shipped from NYC to Washington last year, and the seller offered about $40 for shipping.

Where are you getting it from? You could try bartering and asking the seller if he can include shipping in the cost or something to make it a little bit cheaper.
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i had one shipped a while back and with the purchase of a box, and them packaging it for me, and insurance, it was like $70... if you packaged it yourself, and got a box from somewhere, I'd guess maybe $50...
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Decide which company to go with, and they'll probably have a shipping calculator on there. I shipped a half stack across the country for 25 quid.
I moved and wasn't able to take the gear with me. I'm visiting the city I moved from soon and I plan to ship the guitar/amp to my new place while I'm in. I thought about selling the amp and buying new, but nahh..

Thanks for the input everyone